Regie, Kamera, Produktion Kinofilme


by AG Doku and coop99

Doku | AUT | 2010 | 86 min


In fall 2009 the Audimax lecture hall at the University of Vienna was occupied in the course of an unplanned movement. At that time nobody suspected this protest-initiative to spread far across Austrian borders. With the help of web 2.0, 130 universities all over Europe organised themselves to object against the educational system.

It is the story of a students-initiative which dominated public interest for months but unfortunately was mostly ignored by politics at the end.


Director of Photography AG Doku, Valentin Renoldner, u.v.a.

Editing Dominique Gromes

Producer Antonin Svoboda, Bruno Wagner


Festival of Audiovisual Programs 2011: Reportage & Current affairs – Fipa d’argent Spezial Preis