Regie, Kamera, Produktion Kinofilme


by Martin Šulík

Tragicomedy | AUT, CZE, SVK | 2018 | 113 min


When Ali Ungàr suddenly discovers surprising facts about the Nazi past, the 80-year-old man decides to travel to Vienna and confront the alleged murderer of his parents. But instead, he only finds his son, Georg Graubner. Although Georg never wanted to deal with his father’s past, his interest is aroused by Ali and the two of them go on a roadtrip in Slovakia in search of answers. What they find out about the country, the past, and themselves bring the two men, who at first don’t seem to have anything in common, to a point of mutual understanding.


Peter Simonischek

Jiří Menzel

Zuzana Mauréry



Director Martin Šulík

Script Marek Leščák & Martin Šulík

Cinematography Martin Štrba

Sound Klaus Kellerman

Production Design František Lipták

Costume Katarína Hollá

Make-up Lucie Lišková

Editing Olina Kaufmanová

Producers Rudolf Biermann (in film), Martin Šulík (Titanic), Bruno Wagner