Regie, Kamera, Produktion Kinofilme


by Antonin Svoboda

Comedy | AUT | 2015 | 92 min


There’s an African Tale about how every child gets a song from their parents, that’ll follow them all their lives. Richard, an immigrant from Tanzania, doesn’t know his parents and so never had his song. How he will indeed find that song, before his untimely death and how a ‘Dark-Tourism’ entrepreneur, a male model after his prime and an ever drunken music teacher will unintentionally help him on his way won’t be spoiled here. But just you wait, Richard’s song is gonna be a superhit. Dead Man Playing!


Christoph Grissemann

Dirk Stermann

Heinz Strunk

Ingrid Burkhard

Davis O. Nejo

Wolfgang Hübsch

Ursula Strauss


Director Antonin Svoboda

Screenplay Christoph Grissemann, Dirk Stermann, Heinz Strunk, Antonin Svoboda

Director of Photography Martin Gschlacht

Art direction Katherina Wöppermann

Costume Tanja Hausner

Sound Klaus Kellermann

Editor Joana Scrinzi

Producers Antonin Svoboda, Martin Gschlacht, Bruno Wagner