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In this tragic comedy, four interwoven stories tell Europe’s current ways of dealing with the so-called migration crisis. Marie is a young volunteer, traveling directly to the Mediterranean Sea to help refugees. The youngster Marcel founds an organization for escorting women in order to protect them from the alleged dangerous migrants. The well-off Petra adopts an  unaccompanied, underage refugee. And Gerald, the head of a refugee home, is challenged like never before by one of his protégés.

ME, WE tells the story of four Europeans, whose attitudes toward migration and asylum is shattered forever.



Lukas Miko
Verena Altenberger
Barbara Romaner
Mehdi Meskar
Alexander Srtschin
Wonderful Idowu
Benjamin Petrovic
Thomas Otrok
Laurin Saied
Raphael Stojku


Director David Clay-Diaz
Written by David Clay-Diaz, Senad Halilbasic
Director Of Photography Julian Krubasik
Edited by Lisa Zoe Geretschläger
Costume Designer Veronika Albert
Production Designer Julia Libiseller
Make-Up and Hair Designer Ursula Braun
Sound Engineer Michael Zachhuber
Musik David Reichelt
Producers Bruno Wagner, Barbara Albert, Antonin Svoboda


David Clay Diaz


1989 born in Asuncion, Paraguay
Writer, director und producer

+studied philosophy at the University of Vienna
+studied direction at University of Television and Film Munich

His graduation film „Agonie“, where he acted as director, script writer and producer in personal union, celebrated world premiere at the 66th Berlinale and was nominated for „Best Debut Film“. Zorro Film Distribution will launch „Agonie“ in cinemas in fall 2016. David Clay Diaz received the Kulturpreis Bayern 2016 for „Agonie“ as graduation film.

DRAMA | AUT | 2020 | 115minvon / by David Clay Diaz

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