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Johannes is approached by the German secret service to report on his Persian colleague Farid. When Farid starts an affair with Beate, a waitress, with whom Johannes has also fallen in love, and job-related conflicts appear betweeen the two men, fundamental values like friendship, love and trust are suddenly at stake. Three characters in a dangerous menage a trois, set in a triangle of science, politics and love.


Director Benjamin Heisenberg
Script Benjamin Heisenberg
Camera Reinhold Vorschneider
Music Lorenz Dangel
Editing Karina Ressler, Stefan Stabenow
Artdirection Renate Schmaderer
Costume Stephanie Rieß
Producers Barbara Albert (A / coop99), Martin Gschlacht (A / coop99), Jessica Hausner (A / coop99), Antonin Svoboda (A / coop99), Peter Heilrath (D / juicy film)

Production coop99, juicy film


Bastian Trost
Mehdi Nebbou
Wolfgang Pregler
Loretta Pflaum
Gundi Ellert


Cannes International Film Festival 2005: Sélection Officielle - Un Certain Regard
First Steps - German Talent Award 2005

Geneva International Film Festival 2006: Reflet d'or for Beste direction
Angers European First Film Festival 2006: European Jury Special Award

Max Ophüls Film Festival 2006: Best feature, Best screenplay, Best score

FilmArtFestival Meckleburg-Pomerania 2006: Flying Ox for Best director

Festival de cine politico de Barcelona 2006: Best film

DEFA-Foundation Talent Award 2006

Bavarian Cultural Prize 2006



Benjamin Heisenberg

1974 born in Tübingen (D)

1993-99 studies Artistical Sculptering at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich

numerous group exhibitions.
1998 foundation of the magazine "Revolver"
2001 Script of the Feature Film "Milchwald" (with C. Hochhäusler)

DRAMA | AUT, GER | 2005 | 100 minvon / by Benjamin Heisenberg

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