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Pepperminta is an anarchist of the imagination. She lives in a futuristic rainbow villa and according to her own rules. Colors are the young woman’s best friends and strawberries are her pets. She knows the most amazing remedies to free people of their fears. Pepperminta‘s wish is for everyone to see the world in her favorite colors. Werwen, a young plump and shy man yet whose sex appeal Pepperminta finds highly attractive, and the beautiful Edna, who talks to tulips, join her on her passionate mission.
These three musketeers of a different kind set out to fight for a more humane world. Wherever the gang appears, everything is turned upside down and people’s lives are transformed in the most miraculous and wondrous of ways.


Director Pipilotti Rist
Script Chris Niemeyer, Pipilotti Rist
Camera Pierre Mennel
Sound Thomas Gassmann
Editing Gion-Reto Killias
Artdirector Sue Erdt
Costume Selina Peyer
Line Producer Bruno Wagner
Producers Christian Davi, Christof Neracher, Antonin Svoboda

Produktion coop99, Hugofilm


Ewelina Guzik
Sven Pippig
Sabine Timoteo
Elisabeth Orth
Noëmi Leonhardt
Oliver Akwe


Venice Film Festival 2009: Orizzonti Competition
Miami Film Festival 2010: Cutting the Edge Award



Pipilotti+Rist+Pipilotti+Rist+Portrait+Session+zvvSfwZHxdVlBorn in Grabs in the Swiss Rhine Valley in 1962.
Studies of commercial art, illustration and photography at the Institute of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, 1982-1986
Studies of audio visual communications (video) at the School of Design in Basel, Switzerland, Professor René Pulfer,1986-1988

Freestyle video / audio works and installations, since 1986
Freelancer as a graphic computer operator in different industrial video studios, 1987-1994
Member of the music band Les Reines Prochaines, concerts, performances and LP / CD’s, 1988-1994
Visiting professor at University of California, Los Angeles CA, 2002-2003
Lives and works in Zurich and in the mountains of Switzerland, since 2004

DRAMA | CHE, AUT | 2009 | 80 minvon / by Pipilotti Rist

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