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TV producer Rainer has it all: big salary, luxurious penthouse, high life, hot car, even hotter girlfriend. The 30-something go-getter has reached the top by creating TV shows of the most stupid and vulgar kind. One day, mysterious young woman Pegah vengefully drives full speed into his car. After this near-death experience, Rainer has a major change of heart and – teaming up with the beautiful Pegah and a gang of unemployed social misfits - he sets out to prove that a conspiracy surrounds the boxes used in select households to estimate audience percentage. Determined to fight television’s dumbing down of society, Rainer and his new friends eventually go all the way with an intricate and ingenious plan to get the public interested in quality cultural programs. But the station execs who live off audience hunger for brainless TV are not willing to give up what they have ruthlessly built over the years...


Director Hans Weingartner

Screenplay Hans Weingartner, Katharina Held

DoP Christine A. Maier

Art director Udo Kramer

Costume Thomas Oláh

Line producer Karsten Aurich, Bruno Wagner

Producer Hans Weingartner, Antonin Svoboda

Production coop99, kahuuna films


Moritz Bleibtreu

Elsa Sophie Gambard

Milan Peschel

Simone Hanselmann

Gregor Bloeb

DRAMA | AUT, GER | 2007 | 110 minvon / by Hans Weingartner

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