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A butterfly flaps its' wings and, following the effects of chaos theory this causes a tornado over the Gulf of Mexico in turn instigating a terrible plane crash. Fate dictates entirely at random that 24-year-old Manu is the miraculous sole survivor. Five years later Manu goes about her business in a small Austrian town working in the local supermarket. The life shared with her husband, daughter, siblings and friends stretches out through associations old and new, deliberate and accidental in an interlocking web of relationships creating a constant flux of cause and effect.

The destinies of all those caught in this web, rely on the choices each of them make. Often these choices result in love, understanding, and happiness but just as frequently they result in guilt, anguish and even death.


Director Barbara Albert
Script Barbara Albert
DoP Martin Gschlacht
Editing Monika Willi
Artdirector Katharina Wöppermann
Costume Monika Buttinger
Producers Antonin Svoboda
Martin Gschlacht
Barbara Albert

Bruno Wagner
Martin Hagemann
Rolf Schmid

Production coop99, zero west, Fama Film


Kathrin Resetarits
Ursula Strauss
Georg Friedrich
Marion Mitterhammer
Martin Brambach


Festival del Film Locarno 2003: in Competition


Barbara Albert, Director and ScreenwriterBarbara Albert

+ 1970 born in Vienna
+ Film author and Producer
+ Barbara Albert works as direction-assistant, Script/Continuity, Editing assistant and actress.
+ she graduates from the Vienna Film Academy.
+ 1999 she cofounded coop99 filmproduction together with Jessica Hausner Martin Gschlacht and Antonin Svoboda

DRAMA | AUT, GER, CHE | 2003 | 120 min. von / by Barbara Albert

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