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11_immer nie am meerSYNOPSIS

The lachrymose and early turned grey history teacher Baisch and his depressive and pill-addicted brother in law Anzengruber – returning from a shop opening – have an accident on a remote road. On board is a manic, untalented German trivial performer, who got a lift after a break down with his own car. Injured, wedged and without any prospect to escape they await their rescue. When the yearned for alarm horn rings out they soon have to find out that it's only the revelation of the living hell ...

Director Antonin Svoboda
Screenplay Antonin Svoboda, Christoph Grissemann, Dirk Stermann, Heinz Strunk, Jörg Kalt

DoP Martin Gschlacht

Art direction/ Costume Katharina Wöppermann
Sound Dietmar Zuson

Editor Oliver Neumann

Producers Martin Gschlacht, Barbara Albert, Jessica Hausner, Antonin Svoboda


Christoph Grissemann

Dirk Stermann

Heinz Strunk

TRAGICOMEDY | AUT | 2007 | 88 minvon / by Antonin Svoboda

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