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As president of the American film studio UNITED ARTISTS and ORION PICTURES CORPORATION Eric Pleskow had a decisive influence on film history in the second half of the twentieth century.
Eric Pleskow is Austrian, he is Jewish, and he had to leave this country in 1939 with nothing but 10 Reichsmark in his pocket.

In a very intimate portrait Andrea Eckert focuses on the career of one of the most successful film studio heads of the US film industry and highlights a life in the movies apart from the glamour of Hollywood.


Director Andrea Eckert

Screenplay Andrea Eckert

DoP Robert Winkler

Sound Wolfgang Mohaupt

Editor Oliver Neumann

Production manager Bruno Wagner

Producer Antonin Svoboda

DOKU | AUT | 2007 | 60 minvon / by Andrea Eckert

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