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Little Joe is a film about doubting reality and identity: a mother is afraid of losing her son, but loses herself instead.

A plant created by genetic engineering appears to produce curious changes in people or animals who come into contact with it. Those affected seem alien, as if their personalities have been altered – especially to their nearest and dearest. Or is that just a figment of the imagination? The inter¬play between various truths is examined, and ultimately the very concept of individual identity is questioned.


Emily Beecham

Ben Whishaw

Kerry Fox

Kit Connor

Jessie-Mae Alonzo

David Wilmont

Phénix Brossard



Director Jessica Hausner
Script Jessica Hausner & Geraldine Bajard
Director of Photography Martin Gschlacht
Sound Engineer Malcolm Cromie
Production Designer Katharina Wöppermann
Costume Designer Tanja Hausner

Key Make-Up Artists Heiko Schmidt & Kerstin Gaecklein
Editor Karina Ressler

Producers Bruno Wagner, Jessica Hausner, Martin Gschlacht (coop99), Bertrand Faivre, Gerardine O'Flynn  (The Bureau, Little Jo Productions) Philippe Bober (Essential Filmproduktion)


jessica_hausner_small_©_gianmaria_gava 2014

Jessica Hausner

born 1972 in Vienna, Austria
auteur and producer

+ 1994 Jessica Hausner graduated from the Vienna Film Academy (direction).
+ 1999 she cofounded coop99 filmproduction together with Barbara Albert, Martin Gschlacht and Antonin Svoboda

Amour Fou (2014)
Lourdes (2009)
Toast (2006) - short
Hotel (2004)
Lovely Rita (2001)
Inter-View (1999) - short
Flora (1996) - short

Sciene-Fiction, Drama | A, GB, D - in productionvon / by Jessica Hausner