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Adrián, a well integrated young man, lives with his Peruvian, unemployed mother, Maria, in a studio apartment in Vienna. Both are suffering from Maria's compuslive hoarding, which is why their apartment is totally crowded. Adrián tries to cope with her and to help her, despite his anger and shame.
When he falls in love with Lisa, a girl from a wealthy family, he gets into a lot of pressure. He thinks he has to keep up with her und hides his living conditions. To gain her son's respect, Maria claims that she found a job. But when Adrián sees his mother cleaning at Lisas's, both their lies unearth.


David Clay Diaz


1989 born in Asuncion, Paraguay
Writer, director und producer

+studied philosophy at the University of Vienna
+studied direction at University of Television and Film Munich

His graduation film „Agonie“, where he acted as director, script writer and producer in personal union, celebrated world premiere at the 66th Berlinale and was nominated for „Best Debut Film“. Zorro Film Distribution will launch „Agonie“ in cinemas in fall 2016. David Clay Diaz received the Kulturpreis Bayern 2016 for „Agonie“ as graduation film.

DRAMA | A, D - in preparationvon / by David Clay Diaz