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MG kleiner hochMartin Gschlacht

Cinematographer and Producer

„Austrian Film Award 2017” Best Cinematography for Hidden Reserves

„Austrian Film Award 2016“ Best Cinematography for Goodnight Mommy

„European Film Award 2015” Euro. Cinematographer- Prix Carlo di Palma for Goodnight Mommy

„Best Cinematography BAFICI 2015“ for Goodnight Mommy

„Austrian Film Award 2013“ Best Cinematography for Grenzgänger

„Austrian Film Award 2011” Best Cinematography for Women Without Men

„Golden Camera 300“ Intl. Camera FF, Manaki Brothers, 2010 for Women Without Men

„Best Cinematography“ Zadar Int. FF 2010 for Lourdes

„Best Cinematography“ RiverRun Int. FF 2010 for Lourdes and Women Without Men

„Romy” Best Cinematography TVfeature 2010 for Geliebter Johann, geliebte Anna

„Golden Lola”, Best Ger. Short Film 2007 for Das gefrorene Meer (Producer/Cinematographer)

„Diagonale-AAC Award“ Best Cinematography Fiction 2007/2008 for Revanche

„Diagonale-AAC Award“ Best Cinematography Fiction 2005/2006 for Spiele Leben

„Bronce Camera 300“ Intl. Camera Film Festival, Manaki Brothers, 2004 for Hotel

Films nominated for US Academy Awards “Oscars”

„Best Foreign Language Film” 2009, Revanche, directed by Götz Spielmann (Cinematographer)

„Best Documentary”, 2006, Darwin’s Nightmare, directed by Hubert Sauper (Producer)

Films (selection)


Looking for Oum Kulthum

Tehran Taboo

Hidden Reserves


Marthes Geheimnis

Three Eggs In a Glass

Goodnight Mommy

Therapy for a Vampire

In the Basement

Amour Fou

Cure – The Life of Another

October November

The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich

The Wall

Crossing Boundaries


Black Brown White

Die Schatten, die dich holen

Geliebter Johann, geliebte Anna

Women Without Men


What You Don’t See


Faezeh / Munis / Fahrit / Zarin

Forever Never Anywhere

The Frozen Sea

Daniel Käfer und die Schattenuhr


You Bet Your Life



 Free Radicals


In t Beginning was t Eye

Spiel im Morgengrauen

Lovely Rita

Dolce Vita & Co

Vanessa Beecroft “VB 45”

Luna Papa



Albert Hughes (US 2017, in postproduction)

Shirin Neshat (DE/A/US 2017)

Ali Soozandeh (DE/A 2017), animation feature film

Valentin Hitz (A/DE/CH 2016)

Jo Bayer (DE/A 2016), TV

Roland Suso Richter (DE/A 2016), TV mini-series

Antonin Svoboda (A 2015)

Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala (A 2015)

David Rühm (A/CH 2014)

Ulrich Seidl (A 2014)

Jessica Hausner (A/LUX/DE 2014)

Andrea Staka (CH/BIH/HR 2014)

Götz Spielmann (A 2013)

Antonin Svoboda (A 2013)

Julian Pölsler (A/DE 2012)

Florian Flicker (A 2012)

Karl Markovics (A 2011)

Erwin Wagenhofer (A 2011)

Robert Dornhelm (DE/A 2010), TV

Julian Pölsler (A 2010), TV

Shirin Neshat (DE/A/FR/US 2009)

Jessica Hausner (A/FR/DE 2009)

Wolfgang Fischer (DE/A 2009)

Götz Spielmann (A 2008)

Shirin Neshat (FR/US 2006-2008), art installations

Antonin Svoboda (A 2007)

Lukas Miko (DE/A 2007), short

Julian Pölsler (A 2007)

Michael Glawogger (A/CH 2006)

Antonin Svoboda (A 2005)

Jessica Hausner (A/DE 2004)

Götz Spielmann (A 2004)

Barbara Albert (A/DE/CH 2003)

Valentin Hitz (A 2003)

Bady Minck (A/LUX 2002)

Götz Spielmann (A 2001)

Jessica Hausner (A/DE 2001)

Erhard Riedlsperger (A 2000), TV-series

Vanessa Beecroft (US 2000), installation

Bachtiar Khudoinazarov (A/DE/RU/CH 1999)

Jessica Hausner (A 1999), short

Valentin Hitz (A 1999)